Upper body workout with gymnastic rings.

Gymnastic rings are probably one of the best pieces of fitness equipement that you can get. They are highly versitile and can be used by beginners, intermmidiates and advanced athletes. Just remember that something that is easy on the bar is gonna be a lot harder when performed on the rings. This is because rings... Continue Reading →


Vegan pulled pork burger

When transitioning to a vegan diet it is important to understand that you can still enjoy most of your favourite food. It's just the way you prepare it that is different. One of my favourite meat based dishes used to be the pulled pork or pulled beef in pretty much anything- burittos, tacos, burgers etc.... Continue Reading →

The art of drinking ;)

We all know that alcohol is bad for health. Despite that, a lot of us still enjoy it on ocasions. Unfortunately some of us don't know how to "enjoy" it and every time they drink, they binge. This post is all about the alchol, are there any health benefits? What to drink on different occasions?... Continue Reading →

Intermittent Fasting- for who?

Over the past few years, Intermittent Fasting has become very popular, especially in the fitness community. But is it really as great as some people said it is? I personally was Intermittent Fasting for quite a while in my life, and definitely experienced some of its effects. What IF offers? One of the biggest benefits... Continue Reading →

Thrive on a vegan diet

Finally, more and more people start giving a plant-based diet a go. That's amazing since swapping some or all of the animal-derived foods for the plant-based alternatives is great for the environment. Unfortunately with all the processed food available eating a vegan or a plant-based diet doesn't guarantee a healthy life. Photo by Daria Shevtsova... Continue Reading →

Plant-based diet essentials

With more and more people turning towards whole foods plant-based diet I think it's gonna be a good idea to provide everyone new to this type of eating with some tips in terms of food choices. What you should always have and what type of foods go well together. At the end of this post,... Continue Reading →

Vegan chimichangas recipe

It's veganuary time, so I thought what's better time will it be to post my first recipe blog. And since I eat a plant-based diet and love tex-mex kitchen what better food than a healthy and vegan version of chimichanga to start with This recipe will give you six delicous chimichangas. Here is what you... Continue Reading →

Isometrics-get stronger using static holds

In the bodyweight training world static holds should be treated equally to the dynamics. Only combination of both type of trainings will provide the balance strenght and physique developement. And while it is true that dynamics are more effective in building muscle. Static holds are worth paying attention too. And here is Why They strenghten... Continue Reading →

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