The Muscle-up

This article is about one of the most impressive bodyweight movements-The Muscle-up. A lot of people when starting their journey with calisthenics are very determined to get over the bar. So let’s break down the muscle up. Muscle up involves the entire upper body. It requires a strong back, arms, and chest. It consists of... Continue Reading →


Don’t skip leg day!

Not everyone wants their legs to be big and bulky as well as not all of us wants to jump high and sprint fast some want to just look good. Regardless of in which group are you, you should never skip the leg day! Here is why Leg training burns a lot of calories. Legs... Continue Reading →

Importance of flexibility

Flexibility is often underestimated part of creating strong&healthy body. And that is a big problem. In modern society, most of us spend the day sitting in a chair which definitely doesn't help to stay fit for years. When I  refer to flexibility I am not talking about the extreme and impressive level of it like... Continue Reading →

Pilars of a healthy diet

With all the new trends in the fitness industry, it is very easy to get confused. What type of food is good for us? Is food timing important? What type of workout should I do to get to my goals? Should I follow any specific diet? These are only some of the questions I was... Continue Reading →

Building Rock-Hard ABS

Abdominal muscles are one of the strongest and when well developed, one of the most impressive ones. They protect our spine and internal organs and attract eyes of the opposite sex. They also contribute to the total strength generation when performing any exercise. So what are the best exercises to developed Rock-hard Abs? 1. Leg... Continue Reading →

Things I love bodyweithg trainning for

There are plenty of ways to move your body and stay Strong&Healthy.  And even though I enjoy many of them, calisthenics has a special place in my heart. Therefore I hope that this article will encourage you to try to implement more bodyweight movements into your exercise routine. 1.  It develops an amazing body awareness.... Continue Reading →

Building strong and functional back

Back muscles are incredibly important for overall strength, health and of course for the jaw-dropping physique. Well developed back muscles are contributing to V shape physique the most. Combine great back with small, lean waist and your physique will look incredible. Apart from that back muscles have big strength potential as they are one of... Continue Reading →

Tire and Hammer HIIT workout

The benefits of HIIT are well known. It is time efficient, it helps you stay fit and makes you satisfied when you complete good, all out HIIT workout. I’m not going to talk about the benefits of HIIT and the difference between different types of cardio In this post, I want to share with you... Continue Reading →


Explosive training has tons of benefits and should be done by everyone at least once in a while. I am not talking only about weightlifting like clean or snatch. I am thinking here about jumps, flips, muscle ups, push-ups, and pull-ups. All of these can benefit you greatly. First,  all of them will challenge your... Continue Reading →

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