Why Plant Based diets rocks?

If you have been following me for a while now you probably know that I love plant-based food. Although I was not always a plant lover. There was a time that  I couldn't imagine a meal without an egg, cheese or a chunk of meat. Now when I look back at that time I don't... Continue Reading →


Boosting Testosterone with the diet?

Testosterone is the most important hormone when it comes to feeling and looking like an alpha male! It speeds up a growth of muscles, increases strength, endurance and basic oxygen usage of a tissue. And the most important when you have healthy high levels of T you just feel amazing. But it's not just for... Continue Reading →

Post workout meals for sweet tooth

Have you ever heard that if you want to have an amazing body you shouldn't eat sweets? Or that your body is most sensitive to all the nutrients after a workout? Well, in both of the above there is a little bit of truth. However, as a person with sweet teeth, I refuse to give... Continue Reading →

How to hold the Human Flag?

Human flag is one of the most impressive static skills in calisthenics world. It requires extreme whole body strength, looks impressive and can be done almost everywhere. To hold the mighty Human Flag one must have shoulders, back and abs of steel and great overall body control. Now, there are plenty of variations of this... Continue Reading →

Old-school physique essential movements

When it comes to creating an effective workout there are many different variables to take into consideration. Progression scheme, a goal of the program, exercise selection and many more. In my personal opinion, old-school strongmen had the best looking and probably the most functional bodies that were ever seen. When I'm thinking about old-school strongmen,... Continue Reading →

Step-up your pull-up game!

One of the best things about calisthenics is that your imagination is the roof and if you're creative enough there is always a space for progress. With that being said, everything starts from a good base. Mastering the basics is crucial for further growth. Unfortunately, many gym-goers cannot perform a regular pull-up and those who... Continue Reading →

The Muscle-up

This article is about one of the most impressive bodyweight movements-The Muscle-up. A lot of people when starting their journey with calisthenics are very determined to get over the bar. So let’s break down the muscle up. Muscle up involves the entire upper body. It requires a strong back, arms, and chest. It consists of... Continue Reading →

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